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Survival among chaos

Probably an overly dramatic title, but it fits the situation. Last night there was a huge, unexpected thunderstorm in my area. We were prepared for a full weekend of sweltering, humid heat, but then this storm came up out of … Continue reading

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Adventure Buddies

No, not the next in the line of Air Bud spin-off movies with puppies, but the people that you go on adventures with. There are lots of different ways to go on adventures, but it has been my experience that … Continue reading

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It is the real reason I enjoy life. Not just eating it, but that part is awesome, but making it is really satisfying. Today I made some Pain de Campagne (country bread) in two baguettes and an epi loaf, which … Continue reading

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France Part IV

So, from now on I’ll try to focus more on highlights, but really, there is so much to highlight… On my 8th day in France, we headed north from Montabaun for Cahors. The main sight in Cahors is the Pont … Continue reading

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Cirque de Gavarnie

Cirque de Gavarnie

No photo can really do it justice, even several don’t get there. Be here is one anyway.

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France Part III

Annoying thing to learn about WordPress. Clicking pop out option loses everything you’ve already written. Anyway, the next day I went with my family on a brief visit to Bayonne, just up the coast from Hendaye. Bayonne is famous for … Continue reading

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France Part II

Ok, so more from France. On our first morning in Hendaye, the ladies of the wedding party went to Biarritz for lunch and shopping. Biarritz is the high class part of southern France. I hung out with the groom and … Continue reading

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France, Part I

So, I just got back from a family trip to south-western France and it was certainly an adventure. There were a lot of different aspects to my thought processes while I was there, so I will share each part in … Continue reading

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Trying this out

Hello. If you’re reading this, there is a good chance that you already know me, but if you don’t… I’m a 22 yo white male who just graduated from college, majoring in Biology and minoring in Educational Studies. My plan … Continue reading

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