Adventure Buddies

No, not the next in the line of Air Bud spin-off movies with puppies, but the people that you go on adventures with.

There are lots of different ways to go on adventures, but it has been my experience that having good Adventure Buddies makes your adventures much better. Travel posse-wise, here are a few options, reasons for traveling that way, and the pros and cons.

There are numerous reasons to travel alone: you only have to schedule around what you have to do and you only have to deal with yourself, you can just get up and go whenever you want, you don’t have to do things other people want to do, etc… However adventuring alone can be dangerous (see 127 hours) and, for me, less likely to happen. I need to work on my self-motivation that way. one way to adventure alone, which has worked for me, is to adventure on the way to a buddy. This way you have the anticipation of adventures with a companion, but you get to enjoy traveling alone.
Also, I have found that when traveling alone I want to share my adventures with others. Could be as simple as “Wow! This is so cool, I wish I could so __________”, which can lead to future adventures. Alternatively, if I fall into a negative mind set I become “Forever Alone” even in some of the most beautiful places I have gone.

With Adventure Buddies
In my experience, there are two types of Adventure Buddies: those who you travel well with, and those you do not. There are a lot more of the latter. Please note that just because you do not travel well with them, does not mean that you cannot enjoy adventures with them, you just have to learn how to. I have definitely spent time on adventures with those who I do not travel well with, and sometimes have succeed in still enjoying the adventure. My suggestions for doing that, which may or may not work for you, are treating it like you’re both adventuring alone, just near each other. Or you might be a much better people person than I am and have ways of shaping them to your optimal Adventure Buddy.
The key to the best adventures, for me, is finding those Adventure Buddies who work well with me, who are not only a pleasure to travel with, but make the adventure something it could not have been without them. These Adventure Buddies do not only make my adventures better, but make me a better person. I hope that you can find some of these for yourself.

I believe that I was fortunate enough to adventure with some of these this past weekend. I’ve been feeling bored recently, which Louis CK makes me feel bad about, and appropriately so. A ride up to Connecticut was offered to me for this past weekend and I jumped at it. Got to have some delightful and needed conversations; hike through woods, around reservoirs, up “mountains”; swim in melt streams and jump off rope swings into water that was too shallow; nearly get run over while stargazing on a road with no shoulder; and, of course, enjoy the population of MegaBus (still worried that I didn’t see the weird person…).

A very special thanks to all of my favorite Adventure Buddies out there. I know we don’t all live on the same campus anymore, but I know we’ll find ways to continue our adventures in the future.

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