Survival among chaos

Probably an overly dramatic title, but it fits the situation.

Last night there was a huge, unexpected thunderstorm in my area. We were prepared for a full weekend of sweltering, humid heat, but then this storm came up out of nowhere, as far as I know. So, this storm caused power outages, limbs and trees to fall, and a general look of destruction throughout the city. Walking dogs this morning, which is absolutely gorgeous despite downed trees and power lines, one came across a bird that looked near dead on the ground. I finished their walk, found a box, made a nest, and quickly returned to retrieve the bird and brought it inside to try to warm it up and dry if off.


I worked to warm the bird up and dry it off, first, holding it close and stroking it with a tissue. Then I tried to get it to eat and or drink, but it didn’t have much interest in doing so. I’m taking care of two houses at the moment, so I had to leave to feed animals in the other house. I left it in the box nest (with newspaper and straw) with a lid full of water and some wet chicken feed under a lamp, which I hoped would help warm him up.

When I returned, it was scared of me and quickly flew behind the bed. Hooray that is able to fly again, but damn it, behind the bed… Finally able to retrieve the bird after getting him out, I took it outside to see if it would be more comfortable out there. More relaxed in my hands now, we stood together for a minute or two and then it took off and flew to a nearby tree where it began to straighten its feathers. I was glad to see it back in its natural home, but sad it see it go so soon. I kinda thought it would be one of those times someone gets to nurse a broken animal back to health. Probably best that it did not require much nursing.

It is always nice to see something, not matter how small, survive despite the chaos that surrounds it.

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