Mountains, Literal and Figurative

So a few things have happened since the last time I posted, adventures are always going on. First off, I’ve been crazy lazy for the past couple weeks, not exercising like I know I need to. Finally made it up that mountain, again, on Monday by buying some yoga sessions. Doing a couple of those got me to go for a swim, and I think I’ll be able to stay on the right track until I leave for Laysan.

Second, I got to climb a literal mountain, Old Rag of the Shenandoah National Park, and boy is she a beaut (but not a butte). (Follow that link for an awesome safety video, if you’re into that kinda thing.) The Old Rag hike is about 9 miles, with a solid climb (2000’+ over the first 3.5 miles, then you’re at the summit!) and a really fun/challenging – same thing – boulder scramble for the last 3/4 mile or so of the ascent. Fortunately, it was a gorgeous day, so my dad and I could see for miles as went hiked up, relaxed on the peak, and hiked back down. While on top, I found a puddle full of tadpoles, which I have declared baby Mountain Frogs. Additionally, we met some other hikers, three of which I learned were vaulters, and no, not like gymnastics, Equestrian Vaulters. Basically doing acrobatics on a moving horse. Wild. Moral of the story, go climb a mountain, you’ll meet cool people and get to see things like this:


The third mountain is on my horizon, and is another metaphorical/figurative mountain. Since my last update I have been fortunate enough to become officially “in a relationship” with a lady friend, and this makes me terribly excited and little nervous. I’m excited because she is just an amazing person in more ways than I can express (and you want to hear) here. Most importantly, she is the best Adventure Buddy I could ever ask for. And she’s a hotty. I am nervous, though, because I’m going to Hawaii and will not be able to see her for ~8 months starting this past Sunday. That is a huge mountain of time (as long as any of my past relationships have lasted) for us to work over, especially as an LDR, which I have had unfortunate experiences with in the past. I am hopeful, though, that we will be able to summit that peak and, in doing so, deepen our relationship greatly.

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