Finally! or How soon!?

So, I leave for seven months in less than five days. Wat?

I’ve known that this would be happening for at least two and a half months, which has really only made me tired of explaining it. Now, as the date approaches rapidly, I am just ready to get there and simultaneously somewhat nervous about the whole experience. But mostly I just want it to start.

Lets break it down. For the first three or four weeks I will be in Honolulu, training, preparing supplies, and hopefully exploring a little. Then for approximately six months I will be on a 1000 acre island in the middle of the Pacific ocean with five other people. Primarily, we will be weeding and watching birds (specifically we will be removing an invasive plant species and studying the various sea birds and endemic bird species which nest on and inhabit the island). All of the food we will have to eat for the six months will arrive with us on a four day boat ride from Oahu. Back on the larger island we will have a week to summarize and present what we learned on this island. After that, I currently have no clue what I’m doing with my life.

Now, don’t panic too much for me, lots of people have taken care of that already and we will have fresh water, electricity, and an ability to communicate with the rest of the world while we are on the island. We have solar panels for electricity and propane for cooking/storing food. We have a reverse osmosis machine to produce fresh water for us. We have a satellite phone to call our supervisors and to send (small) e-mails to supervisors, friends, and family. Besides, we’ll be in an amazing location.

With the help of my family, I will be keeping anyone who (for whatever reason) has found this blog updated on a, hopefully, weekly basis. If too many weeks do go by without an update, I would ask that you contact the US Fish and Wildlife Service to investigate my disappearance. It was probably suspicious. Unfortunately, because of the limited communications, I will only be able to update with text, but pictures will follow when I return to the continental United States. Thanks for your interest!

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