Arrived on Laysan!

(First e-mail from the Sat Phone)

Hey! We made it Laysan, finally! The whole trip on the Kahana was super cool, 
lasting almost two weeks. thankfully the crew is a bunch of great people. Hard 
to describe them  breifly, but they really made the whole thing easy. We got to 
fish around Midway, and pulled in a 30 lb Ono, a couple 10 lb or so Cava cava, 
three small Ahi, and 3 big Ahi. We had a lot of sashimi and poke, super fresh. 
It was awesome.

So, we're here now. Spent the day moving stuff. A lot of stuff. So much stuff. 
But it is all hopefully out of the range of the surf now. More moving stuff 
tomorrow to get it up into camp, plus we'll walk around much of the island. The 
coolest thing so far is how much the birds do not care about your presence. They 
won't move even if you step over them.

A blog entry will probably come this weekend, depending 
on how time goes. Good chance it will be long.
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