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Week 7 – Erckel’s Francolin: the other other OTHER white meat

First off, I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, I know I had a delightful one, despite (or perhaps because of) its uniqueness in the line of Christmases I have experienced. On Monday, I had the whole refuge … Continue reading

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Week 6 – The Mayans can’t get ANYTHING right…

Just kidding, I know the Mayans weren’t actually predicting the end of the world, just a start of a new giant cycle, meaning lots of zeros in the date, and we all know how much Americans love numbers with lots … Continue reading

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Week 5 – Mist Netting, finally!

I’m getting my update in a little early this week because I will be unable to update tomorrow – we’re planning on a day trip to Kona! But you’ll have to wait until next week to hear about that. So, … Continue reading

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Week 4 – Fun with Endangered Birds

Most of our work week here at Hakalau has fallen into a bit of a pattern this past week. We have spent a lot of time building FPDs (Frost Protection Devices – the shade screens we put up a couple … Continue reading

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Week 3 – Civilization means you can’t just pee anywhere

A lot of different things happened this week, and the sun came out! The mountain is much more pleasant when the sun is out and we’re not trapped inside of a misty cloud all day. The other volunteers and myself … Continue reading

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