Summer Camp ’13 – Break Week

I’ll be honest, I’m a little burnt on writing at the moment.  I am definitely burnt by the end of 4k words each week, so this one will be a little shorter. Besides, not a lot has happened during our time off.

Post-work weekend was pretty normal. Staff hung out around camp and the lodge next door and on Sunday we spread out briefly, but with plans of rejoining in the near future, a.k.a. Monday. For on Monday we planned a large group trip to Cedar Point! Oh my goodness was it a great time. Fortunately, some of the staff live closer to Sandusky than camp is, so we stayed at their house Sunday and Monday nights around the trip to the park, going out for ice cream, sleeping on their basement floor, and watching Tarzan. We got to CP as early as we were allowed to, about 10a, with the plan of staying all day. Definitely the most people I have seen in a while, but it was not over crowded, thankfully, as it was a Monday. The big highlight rides were definitely the Gatekeeper and the Dragster. Sadly, did not get to ride the Millenium Force due to afternoon showers and an unsurprisingly long line. But the Dragster (super fast acceleration) was so cool! We had beautiful weather for the morning, so exciting to see the sun for a prolonged time after basically two weeks of gray, and it definitely reflected in our in-line behavior. We acted like camp counselors (and campers) telling jokes, singing songs, and playing games to the amusement (or annoyance) of those around us. Couldn’t really tell which. Rains rolled in in the afternoon, shutting down rides, and eventually motivating us to cut our visit a little short, leaving the park around 7:30p, still a good 9.5 hours there. Well worth the online, group discount rate we managed to get! It was a great beginning of the week off.

Then, on Tuesday, I drove home to enjoy a relaxing week (very boring and relaxing) and, theoretically, have jury duty. Luckily, I didn’t even have to go to the court house for jury duty. Woo hoo! I did, though, get to go see Despicable Me 2 (awesome and hilarious), hang out with college friends I had not seen recently, pick crabs and eat other delicious foods, and visit my grandpa. I also had time to watch too much TV on the internet, go for a very wet run, and put pictures up on the Shutterfly account from the OE season and summer camp so far.

That’s really it, a delightfully boring week leaving me prepared and excited to get back to camp life! Just what I needed.

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One Response to Summer Camp ’13 – Break Week

  1. Pete Saucier says:

    Cedar Point? I gather you took no kids there. That might have yielded a tale.

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