Back at Camp!

So, I apologize for the lack of post last week, especially with out warning. I was busy and away from computers. Besides, not a whole lot happened. I spent a lot of time sitting and lying around because I had recently gotten a nail through my foot, but did get to help take my sister down to North Carolina to move back into college. My dad and I drover her and three of her friends down (5.5 hour trip took 8 hours – wee!), stayed for the weekend, built her house a small bar and a larger table top, and got to enjoy some of the favorite local victuals. I still like building stuffs.

Back home on Monday, I was able to start running again – thank goodness epithelial cells (especially on one’s feet) replicate so quickly, got my sleeping bags washed up, a new rain coat as my old one had started leaking, and went to give blood because it has been too long. Half of me would like to protest giving blood until they allow gay men to give blood (they test all of their donations for HIV anyway), but half of me doesn’t want to deprive people that need blood of it. C’mon Red Cross – don’t be Russian about this.

On Wednesday, I drove back out to Ohio and, for some reason, was able to drive the entire way without stopping. The whole eight hours… hooray for dehydration from donation! Back at camp, it has been great to see a lot of people again, but we’re still waiting on others to come back. OE doesn’t start for a couple weeks anyway. While I’ve been back, I have gotten to help with the Adirondack (three sided shack) that Mucky is building up behind our ropes course, along a trail we are extending to surround camp. I have also gone running with Cougar in hopes that I will actual be able to get back to running somewhat rapidly for longer distances. I really would like to do a Tough Mudder (with other people) and need to get in much better shape to feel confident about doing that. Last night, a few Camp staffers took part in a 24 hour theater project in which they have 24 hours to write, practice, and perform a play using some prompts and props given to them. There were four groups, four plays, and each got critiqued by some Theater/English professors from OSU Mansfield (where the project took place). It was a really fun to go to. Three of the four were comedic (one of those was absurdist) and the other was a really surprisingly polished heavy piece. I was very impressed. Other than that, I have been working on making sure I’m eating lots of fruits and veggies (which makes my body happy) and am getting excited to go on some workshops this coming week. Then I’ll have some real fun stories to report!

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