Outdoor Ed In-Service

More people are back and it is almost time for OE to start up again! Our first school (a big one) gets in tomorrow morning.

Labor Day weekend, as I believe I mentioned last week, was delightful. Monday and Tuesday were pretty uneventful, just waiting for training to start up on Wednesday. One thing which has really swept into our seasonal staff members and is keeping us very entertained is the movie Wanderlust. It is so amusing to us because there are significant parallels between the “intentional community” in the movie and ideals in the Camp community. Of course, the community in the movie is more extreme than we are, but it is the bit that strikes home that makes it extra funny for us. Lots of quoting (or scripting as it is called when kids with autism and such do it) by us.

Wednesday was joyfully welcomed with nearly the whole staff at Camp! That morning had what was definitely the coolest class of the whole training session – Wild Edibles! We walked around the grounds with Mucky, learning about a variety of edible plants, tasting them, and trying some teas that he had made from the various plants! It was awesome. Gill-over-the-ground, Plantain, Goldenrod, Autumn Olive (berries), Wild Raspberry, and White Pine. It was super cool. In the afternoon we went over compass class, survival, canoeing, paperwork, Geocaching, and night hikes. Boy was it a beautiful night to go over night hikes. Getting back to having Camp food is going to be interesting, requiring self control on my part. There is just always so much, and it tastes good!

Thursday was another great day of training, focused on the day hike. We now have enough trails around Camp that we’re approaching the option of the in camp hike, certainly for half a day. Before going hiking, we were taught Geology by Mountain, which I was very glad for because I did not have the best person to learn from last season. Then, Kestrel took us up behind the cabins to do some Rotten Log Ecology as the first part of our hike. After which, we grabbed our pack out (Bagels ‘n’ Stuff – the best one) and drove out to a normal day hike drop off spot to have lunch and learn how to lead the Stream Study class. I hope I get to do that regularly, I love playing in a stream! Then it was back to camp to go over GeoDomes before dinner, after which we talked about night time duties, and campfires (which we’re all very familiar with from summer camp). Then we got the rest of the night off. I went over the lodge with a few others to see the first half of the Ravens/Broncos game, and woke up the next morning to be glad I only watched the first half…

Friday was Ropes Training, with a focus on the Panther Pole and the Giant Swing. Finally, for my first time, I got the opportunity to climb and jump off of the Panther Pole. And it was scary, but, thankfully, not quite as bad as I expected it was going to be. Cougar, who is in charge of ropes things, also went over the very important preparation and processing which we do with the kids. It was a gorgeous day, and being out on the elements is always big fun, so it was a great way to end training. After processing with Cougar, and proving we could tie the double figure 8 on a bite, we went over the schedule for our first school, and were free for the weekend!

The most interesting thing to come out of this weekend is something I can’t give a whole lot of information about. Amazon and Komodo came up with an awesome basic idea for the next great Teen/SciFi/Adventure/Drama novel to sweep the nation and become a movie, so several of us have been working through the general idea, discovering a plot, correcting for science, finding motivations in characters, unearthing the characters themselves, and other such story things. So, watch for it on the bookshelves sometime in the future. If we get the motivation to actually write it. But it has been a lot of fun to try to figure out the story and everything else I listed above. Friday afternoon, five of us (Amazon, Komodo, Mountain, Songbird, and myself) went down to the beach to go swimming and spent at least an hour hashing out different ideas. It is a very fun past time. Back from the beach, we spent the evening at the lodge watching the sunset, eating some dinner, and just relaxing. A very pleasant end to the week. Followed by a very lazy weekend, including some cooking, which I always love, and a lot of story boarding. (We’re pretty happy with the story arch for the first book in the trilogy.)

Kids come back tomorrow!

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  1. HAJ says:

    i miss you all-princess

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