Fall OE: Week 7

Great week of OE! We had a small school for a four day week and they were super fun. Some goofy kids, some camper-types, all day hikes (had a kid poop on his leg), and they had a dance. It was super fun, but I don’t have any particularly interesting things to share that I haven’t before. I mean, besides the kid that pooped on his leg, but you don’t wanna hear about that. Lucky for you, lots of other fun things happened!

On Monday, a few of us got motivated enough to go top rope climbing in the park! It was a lot of fun. Mountain knew of a sweet spot, and between Turtle, Mountain, and camp, we have enough gear, so we went! I’m enjoying rock climbing more and more. I’ve never disliked it, but I might become more motivated to pursue it on a regular basis. In addition to top-roping (a vertical climb attached to a belayed rope), we stopped by a boulder for some bouldering. It had really nice hand holds, so the challenge to build up to for it is not using your feet or legs (apparently called “campusing”).

Then, after a delightful week of OE, it was time for me to think about my future and to have some fun (at different times). After relaxing and running on Friday afternoon, I drove down to Columbus to look for jobs on Saturday. Lucky for me, my mom’s cousin lives in Cbus, so I spent the night with him and his family. In the morning, I visited half a dozen bakeries to see if they were hiring, hoping to chat with a manager or something, pick up an application, etc. Poor planning on my part – it was Saturday morning, so they were pretty busy. I have so many interests, its hard to pick which direction to go… So, I’m looking at trying commercial baking next. I do have a bunch of research and other Outdoor Ed applications in, but haven’t heard anything back yet. Just seeing where I’m taken.

After visiting these different places, I met up with Elm (she worked OE in the spring and with Camp over the summer and goes to OSU) for a couple hours. She showed me around a small part of OSU’s campus, including the library, the oval, the Whispering Wall (which is super cool!), and a Krishna Monk giving out books and asking for donations. It was really good to see her and hopefully she will come up next weekend to see camp and everybody!

Then, it was more driving. I headed east for about an hour and half to meet up with most of the rest of camp people for a Halloween party! I was lame this year and did not have a costume, but the highlights included Hulk Hogan, a Fish and a Fisherman, two Unicorns, Snow White, The Dude, Santa, Batman, Eeyore, and Pocahontas. It was a very fun night. Music, lots of food, games, friends, slept in a hammock, and a chill morning. After relaxing for awhile this morning it was time to come back to camp to get ready for another week. It’ll be a full one, plus work on Saturday.

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3 Responses to Fall OE: Week 7

  1. Peter Saucier says:

    Hard to concentrate while wondering about the kid who pooped on his leg.

    • Ok…
      So on our hike a camper kid told me at lunch that he had to poop. Unfortunately, by now the bathrooms in the park are locked because it is getting chilly and there are fewer people around. He says he can hold it, so we get going. About an hour later, he asks if we have toilet paper or anything just in case and I let him know we have napkins left over from lunch. About half an hour after that he says he will need the napkins. Luckily we were at a good stopping place for the whole tribe, so I left them in a waterfall while taking the one guy around a corner to poo. I told him to go way up the hill to get away from the trail and sent him up with some napkins while I went to get an eye on the rest of the tribe again. When I come back, sure enough, he is about 10′ off of the trail, pants around his ankles, bareass for any of the world who walks by to see. Thankfully, no one did, that I know of. Well, he poops, and needs more napkins, of course because he is too young and a camper-type to know how use the same napkin for more than one wipe. He pulls up his pants and goes “oh shoot…”, pulls his pants down, and there, on his calf, is this big smear of poo, also on some of his pants (I would assume because he doesn’t know how to squat to poop outside, very important skill to acquire!). Well, that needs more napkins and wet naps to clean up, everything goes in a trash bag which he has to carry until we get to a dumpster about an hour later. Of course, he complains a little bit about having to carry a bag of, excuse his language, feces.

      I thought it was all hilarious. Besides the smell when I had to hand him things.

  2. Peter Saucier says:

    Thank you . . . I had to know.

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