Fall OE: Week 8

Only two weeks left! E-gads! (Yes, electronic gads, now available on Amazon.)

I’ll be honest, I don’t have a whole lot of write this week either. First half of the week had about 140 kids and they were crazy squirrely, very poor listeners. Thankfully, it was the rest of the group that brings high schoolers to stay in their cabins and such, so we had both Monday and Tuesday nights off. Woohoo! But so squirrely.

Second half of the week had a very fun group, a little smaller. Interestingly, their teachers split them into tribes of boys and tribes of girls. Only other time I saw that was with the inner city group at the end of the spring. It really changes the dynamic. I worked with girls for every class except one. They were fun. In sixth grade, girls are way more adventurous and out going than boys (mostly) because of that whole puberty thing. For the large part girls are pretty far progressed and guys are just starting. Its so wild. Needless to say, it was all a blast. Rain on Thursday, but we did some mud sliding and everyone was entertained, if rather damp.

Really I’m just in a hurry to type the big news from today… I got a job as a baker!!! I’ve been hired to bake (pretty much everything *nervous excitement*) for a bistro/cafe/restaurant/butcher shop in Wooster. I’ll get trained over the next couple weeks as OE winds down and then I’ll be starting! Ah! New adventures! I was introduced through my boss here at camp and I brought a loaf of bread I made to the interview and they hired me. It was about 4 hours ago and I think the adrenaline is not quite winding down yet.

Also this weekend I have gone running (getting ready for the Camp race – nearly 150 racers signed up so far!), drove to and from Columbus, took 3 high schoolers on a hike to the dam and back, worked on puzzles, and had some delightful fun times.

Can’t focus on writing any more. Sorry, not sorry…

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One Response to Fall OE: Week 8

  1. peg emerson says:

    Hurrah Andrew, So glad about you baking opportunity news – Time for a new challenge and adventure – I know you will have a great time and learn a lot – and they will be so very lucky to have you on their team !!!

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