Fall OE: Week 10 + The Start of Something New

I feel like I forgot something last week… whoops. Sorry, I was busy and distracted and excited.

So, we had Outdoor Ed for week 9. It was delightful, I’m sure. On Saturday, there was the a trail race hosted by Camp and it was so much fun! An absolutely gorgeous day – blue sky, few clouds, rather breezy, and it warmed up nicely with the sun out. The race had 5k, 25k, and 50k options on the trails around camp and the park next door. I am not ready for a 25k yet (although, I am interested in working towards that…), so I only did the 5k. However, I surprised myself and managed to place second between two Ironmen! The home-trail advantage definitely helped out because it is a heck of a trail to race on. To help you understand, the winning time was about 28:20 minutes, yes, for a 5k. Delightfully hilly course. After the race, I baked two dozen cinnamon buns for the camp staff helping out with the race, because there was a lot of race day left  as the 25 and 50k-ers worked their way through. Of course, they were delicious. As the beautiful day moved on, people finished, laughs were had, drinks were drunk, food was eaten, friends were made. You know, all of the good things that happen when about 200 people with similar interests get together. In the afternoon, as the 50k racers began wrapping up sections of the race, so no one else would be on them, we began clearing the trails of flags and various other markers. I got to clear about 7 miles of trail, which was really a delightful time. I got to see some new parts of the park that I had not seen before, listened to some music and podcast, and enjoy the outdoors. Plus, do enough that I can convince myself its OK to eat lots and lots later. Great day.

Then, on Sunday, I completed paper work to officially be part of The Spoon Market in Wooster! There, I will be baking  for this wonderful deli/butcher/market and doing a bunch of food prep. I’m so excited. I then spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday working and getting trained. I’m baking breads for their sandwiches (ciabatta buns, italian baguettes, seed bread, rye bread, and cinnamon raisin bread), sweets for the case, and soon I will hopefully be baking artisan style loaves for sale as whole loaves. Need a little bit of time to get into the flow and figure out just how much to make, what kinds of loaves to make, and what kind of schedule I will need to keep to accomplish that. But I’m getting paid to bake! Which is awesome.

On Wednesday night, I was back at Camp for a night hike and a full Thursday of Geology, GeoCaching, and the Ropes course. Great group of kids on Camp this past week for OE, but only for three days. A small school, here for their first time, they brought 34 kids. 34. So much fun to be had! Only 4 tribes, all less than ten kids, and one tribe only had 7! Plus, great kids who were super excited to be playing outside, they were good listeners, there were some very humorous camper-types, and they had sufficient clothes for it to be cold! (Plus, I did not have to spend a night in cabin…)

On Friday, a very special event happened. As I think I may have mentioned, we had chickens at Camp starting over the summer. Our hope was that they would start to produce eggs for us to consume. However, we were not so lucky… No eggs. And we went from 8 down to 3 chickens. Then back up to 5 (not through reproduction). Well, we knew that if we gave our chickens to our maintenance man for the winter, they would end up consumed, so we’ve made the decision to consume them ourselves. On Friday, we turned them from live chickens into … well, dead chickens ready for cooking. Songbird was rather nervous about the whole process, and Komodo, Mucky, and I were rather excited. We used hedge trimmers, boiled water over a fire using an old card frame to hold it up, pulled out the feathers and guts on a small table, and did all of it while the kids were still on camp! It was surprisingly successful, and even Songbird did a very good job with the whole process. Lopped one herself and pulled out all of the feathers for all 5 chickens! I mostly held the birds for slaughter and ended up with splatter-painted pants… Anyway, I’m excited it eat them tomorrow.

After lunch, we said goodbye to the kids, cleaned up camp, had a wrap up meeting, and hung out. I internet-ed and went on a run with Mud. Roads are so much easier than trails… geez. I spent Saturday doing mostly nothing, but I did my laundry and made the greatest chocolate cake in the history of chocolate cake (thanks Gaga!) for our staff party tomorrow. (For those concerned, of course I got coffee ice cream to go with it.)

Today, I had my first day of non-training work at the Spoon! It was a little bit cray. There was no prep person in, so I had to prep a bunch of stuff for the front counter in addition to all of the baking. Double batches of baguettes, ciabatta, and seed, scones (so many scones!), fruit cups, kale chips, kale Caesar salad, goat cheese pesto, roasted portabellos, and chicken salad. It was a little busy, which was nice, but I look forward to have a prep person in so I can focus on how to get loaves on the shelves for sale. Additionally, Songbird, Mud, and I have signed a lease on a house in Wooster for the next four months! Whoop whoop! Housing. (The Camp director, who lives in Wooster, has been kind enough to allow me to crash at his house with his family while I’ve been working here with only living arrangements at Camp, 45 minutes away.) We’re so pumped. It is a lovely little house, near downtown, near a Y. I’ll post pics in the future. Or promise to and forget. One of those.

New adventures to talk about!

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One Response to Fall OE: Week 10 + The Start of Something New

  1. peg emerson says:

    Hurrah for a completely different adventure. Wooster supposed to be a nice college town – perhaps good music programming and some live theatre. Had a couple good friends who went to school there – probably 60 years ago. Hope I may get to enjoy some of your baking – ciabatta my favorite. Love, gran

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