Oh, Hi Snow…

FYI, it got cold recently. Really cold. But that’s fine because I work inside now and don’t have to deal with it unless I am walking to or from work. Or anywhere else that I choose to walk because I’m close enough to not have to drive!

The days are running together again, each one is quite similar to the last. Most days I work from 6a-2p, or so. When I first get in, I turn on the oven and the proof box. Then, off of the bat, its time to bake “scones” (I believe I discussed what this bakery considers “scones” last time…). As they’re baking, I start making whatever breads we need more of – Italian baguette, Ciabatta buns (large and small), Seed bread, Rye bread, and/or Cinnamon Raisin bread. Some days its just one or two types. Some days, like yesterday, it is double batches of all of them. I made 15 loaves, 12 baguettes, 20 large buns, and 18 small buns yesterday.  Whoop whoop. With bread proofing or in the oven, depending on how much I have to make, I move on to other things to make. Usually make a couple logs of scones to put in the walk-in for future baking. I check the front counter to see if there are any baked goods that need made – cookies, brownies, bar treats, etc… There is where I get to get creative, for now. We try to always have chocolate chip cookies on hand, obviously, but beyond that we can try lots of different things. Make large batches, bake a few, and throw the rest in the walk in for later. Super easy. I also do a bunch of other prep work for foods that go up front – salads, soups, dressings, etc… Cool stuff like that. For instance, made a roasted tomato soup today that is delicious. Got to use white truffle oil and salt, so that was pretty cool.

Additionally, my yeast culture has finally revitalized as of yesterday, so I will be starting back up on trying to make some naturally leavened breads. However, I am worried I will not have enough time with everything else I do to be able to make a lot in a 40hr work week. Something to negotiate. I might have to do some mix-leavened breads, using a poolish or something in addition to the natural leavening to give it a speedy kick. We’ll see.

Outside of work, there isn’t a whole lot going on, but I try to keep it interesting. I get to work out daily, which is nice. Running and I’ve joined the Y here, so I can lift and swim and even erg! I’ve been reading a bunch, which is delightful, and have a library card so I can keep it up! Just started Rant by Palahniuk, and it is a great read.

The hardest thing is staying up past 6p, because it gets dark around 5. Its pretty sad…

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