What day is it?

Schedule changes always leave me confused. Now that my “weekend” comes at random points throughout the week, it is slightly more difficult to keep track of what day it is. They all feel the same. Whomp.

On the list of cool things – saw Santa helped down from a roof top by the fire department a little ways back. You see, there was a “Window Wonderland” in downtown Wooster, happens every end of fall/beginning of winter. A lot of the downtown shops/restaurants/etc (including Spoon) set up window displays, sales, samples, and such for people to walk around and look at/enjoy as they prepare to embrace the holiday season. The big tree gets lights and ornaments, you can sit on Santa’s lap and/or send him a letter, some reindeer make an appearance, there are delicious donuts… the whole nine yards. A beautiful example of small town Americana, I would have to say. It was delightful.

As I mentioned last week, my starter is up and running again, and I’ve been making loaves to sell. And they’ve been selling! And my bosses and coworkers like them, so yay! I’m also getting plenty of practice with sweet baked goods, which is nice. We have those giant cans of pumpkin and I’ve been working through one the past week. Whoopie pies, sticky buns, cupcakes… all with pumpkin. So delicious. And there is more to come.

For Thanksgiving, I was actually invited to three different opportunities, but chose to join my Camp director’s wife’s family near Columbus. It was interesting joining a different family at such a family time. Every family has their own style, way of doing things, traditions, secrets, etc. and one almost feels like a little bit of an accidental spy when joining someone else’s family. The food was still completely delicious, but obviously not quite as good as my family’s, and as far as I can tell, all older people want you to be in a relationship. Skeeball, poker, and football also made significant appearances.

Still working on conversing with coworkers for significant periods of time.

If you have not heard the Pentatonix  (PTX) sing, you should. Immediately. YouTube it or see their official site.

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One Response to What day is it?

  1. Peter Saucier says:

    Wait, what? People have home skeeball? Who knew?

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