Mondays are the new Sundays

Or something like that. The big news is that the Market has decided to put me on salary as opposed to hours, mostly because I’m there most all of the time for the naturally leavened breads and this way I don’t have to feel as weird about not being signed in during certain hours that I am there, or just waiting for dough to rise. So that’s pretty cool.

This was a very big weekend at work, especially Saturday. We catered an arts show, making a lot of roasted tomato bisque (delicious) and stuffed baguettes for – basically fancy grilled cheese and tomato soup. Then, that night there was a beer and cheese tasting in house, which we just used the left over baguettes for. Long story short, between Friday and Saturday I made 30 stuffed baguettes and a bunch of regular baguettes. There was a lot of baguette making… They were delicious, so I didn’t mind. Plus, I made some Pain au Lardon (bread with bacon chunks) with the natural leavening. The butcher’s bacon is really really REALLY good. Oh, and I made a vegan, gluten free pumpkin oat bar with apples on top yesterday, just making it up to see what happened, and it turned out way better than I expected.

On the home front, both of my housemates are now back! The house isn’t empty anymore. Songbird and I made some salt-dough ornaments earlier in the week. And we’re planning a pre-Christmas White Elephant/Pot Luck get together for camp people, which should be lots of fun. Thinking of good white elephant gifts is a fun challenge.

In other news I’ve decided that I will continue to grow out my hair until I can donate it. Which should also be an interesting challenge.

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