Not much new

Not a whole lot going on, mostly just making lots of food. Made some whole wheat walnut bread loaves this week, cut out cookies, and a buffalo chicken casserole/bread pudding.

On Friday and Saturday nights, some camp people had some get together. Friday night was at a restaurant in Wooster around the corner from Spoon. They make their own bread, too (but I totally make better bread, but nobody knows yet). It is a nice place though with some really good thin crust pizza and fudges. Mmm… We were celebrating Jackalope’s decision to move on to big and better things after camp. Saturday night (after Songbird and I ran the Frosty Frolic in Canton) we went to Ashland for the other camp get together, just a fun holiday party with food and such. It was good to see everybody, or, well, a lot of people again.

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One Response to Not much new

  1. Peter Saucier says:

    Buffalo chicken casserole/bread pudding? That conjured an image. I hate when bread pudding is ruined by chocolate. Now, buffalo chicken?

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