Holidays, always holidays…

At least we’re benefiting from booming business. Ha… With the natural leavened bread, I find myself at work a good bit. But its a fun place, so its not bad time. Recently I have made several loaves of the regular country bread, while teaching one of my bosses how to make it so they can still make some if I have to go away for bit, walnut, jalapeno/pepper jack cheese, and roasted whole clove garlic. Yum… With the family gatherings and holiday parties, they seem to be selling pretty well, so, hooray! I also made an apple blueberry walnut bread pudding yesterday out of same stale walnut bread, which is definitely my favorite that I’ve made so far. Yum. And today I got to use three turkey carcasses that our butcher didn’t want to do anything with (too busy with the holiday season) to make some stock and save all of the meat. I’m thinking a turkey pot pie and some soup… but we’ll see. Its great practicing all of these cooking skills.

In the rest of my world, there is more than usual going on. Lots of holiday events. On Saturday night, Songbird, Mud, and I hosted a gathering in “the Nest”, which we’ve started to call our house. Some camp people came over, we had a potluck, and a white elephant gift exchange. There was chicken pot pie, vegan chili, vegetables, lots of cookies, and other delicious things. Holiday cookies are dangerous to my feminine figure. Especially when I’m around them 95% of the day. Sigh…

The nice weather yesterday afternoon was awesome! I’ve been missing sunshine and it was great to get some while it was kinda warm out.

Merry Christmas soon to be!

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