Totally did not miss another week…

Well, the holiday season has finally come to a close and things are calmer again. Which is nice.

Last year, I made turkey stock from some carcasses that the butcher had left over, and it made a lot of stock – about 2.5 gallons. I’ve been finding ways to use it and so far have made soup and mini pot pies, and I’ve been super happy with how the pot pies have come out. They look great. Thanks to Mud for passing on pie crust knowledge!

I got to go home and see family and college friends around New Years. Which was nice. Relaxed at home and did nothing. Went to DC for a night of fun. Ran. That was about it. It was much warmer there than in Ohio. And by much I mean it was above freezing.

My naturally leavened bread is selling pretty well, and it is exciting and scary because that means I will have to make more, more frequently. Plus the next door bistro reasserted their interest. And asked me if I could come wash dishes and make salads or something for them on weekends. Aka work there part time. Which is kinda cool.

Elm visited Songbird, Mud, and me this weekend. We all went to trivia night at Songbird’s work place (and won best team name, which awarded us temporary tattoos and other child’s toys), built a snowman in our backyard (named Phteven), made bagels and pancakes, and did a puzzle (well, started a puzzle).

Ooh, and I registered for a triathlon this summer.

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