The main thing that I want to say is that I made croissants this week. Made the dough and laminated the butter and shaped them on Friday, then baked them Saturday morning. And they came out beautifully! They’re wonderful!. It worked. I was and thrilled and excited and pumped and got that feeling that I can really do this. Maybe like the first time you rode a bike, or whatever it is you do. There is that one time that you’re suddenly successful in something that you were pretty sure you could do, but was a really challenging thing. That feeling! I’m happy.



Then, last night, Mud and I had some coworkers over (one from each of our places of work, who are very good friends with each other) to make donuts and ravioli for dinner! It was delicious and fun and by make ravioli, I mean we made the pasta dough and filling and everything. And we introduced them to Wanderlust, which was excellent.

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