Oh, there you are cold

The cold is back, is it more polar vortex? I don’t know. I do know, however, that it is encouraging many people to order food for delivery – good thing we started that at Spoon.

After a very busy previous weekend, this week was delightfully slow. I was able to get out by noon most weekdays and then spent a bunch of time on around the weekend on croissants and Sposants. In particular, I started experimenting with chocolate croissant dough. The challenge there is that cocoa is acidic and inhibits yeast growth and metabolism – makes life harder. Thanks to a little research, found that dutch processed cocoa (as opposed to natural) is less acidic, as it is processed with alkali (base). Anyway, I did about 4% cocoa and it worked, but wasn’t chocolate-y enough. Only really tasted the bread and butter (still delicious). So I think I will try upping the percentage and hope that it doesn’t limit the yeast too much. We only have mixed cocoa, no pure dutch processed, so it is a gamble. Additionally, made a double batch of regular croissant dough. It was a lot of dough. Between that and the half batch of chocolate, I had about 60 Sposants and 10 croissants. What went into all of that? 2.5 kg of flour, 1 kg of poolish, 750 g of leaven, 1.15 kg milk, 215 g sugar, 50 g salt, and 1 kg butter. 6.3 kg total. That’s nearly 14 lbs for those not familiar with metric. Then, most of the dough got fried and covered in more sugar. I had cinnamon and powdered sugar and vanilla glaze again, plus I made chocolate glaze/frosting for a little something extra this weekend. Oh yeah. The first person to buy any Sposants on Saturday bought 16. Half of the ones I made for that day. Sigh. So much goodness. And, somehow, I’ve managed to keep myself from eating a whole one yet! I don’t get it. Maybe because I have a pretty good visual for how much butter is in there…

Anyway, other fun things from this week? Went sledding and winter-time exploring this weekend. Last night Mud and my cooking buddies came back over for taco night. We made our own tortillas, salsa, guacamole, barbacoa, eggplant filling, and rice. And it was wonderful and delicious. (We used lard for the tortillas. mmmmmmmm.) Played some Qwirkle. Watched some Pushing Daisies. Saw Frozen. Again. Explored some of the haunted places around Wooster. Oh yeah, and re-appropriated some improperly made cookie dough to make this blueberry pocket cookies, which don’t look like much, but were/are freaking delicious.

Stay warm, wherever you are!

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One Response to Oh, there you are cold

  1. Peter Saucier says:

    I suspect that your experience explains why “chocolate” pastries nearly always contain chocolate chips. I learned something interesting from you yet again.

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