Blood and Laser Tag

Oh yeah, that got your attention didn’t it? Well, not as exciting as it sounds, but still rather exciting.

Hmmm… whats happened. Work was mostly normal besides Saturday, when I “got” to be the “lucky” one to go to a charity event. It was pretty neat. Called Amazing Grazing, supporting  something called STEPS which is a substance abuse prevention program of some kind. About 80 businesses and just people (it seemed like) came out with a dish of some kind or another and set up around this large dining room where 100+ people came and got to try everything they wanted. I brought a couple types of stuffed baguettes – a take on our Odd Couple sandwhich (ham, brie, cranberry chutney, and I used spinach instead of lettuce) and a vegan one (kale hummus, roasted red peppers, portabello mushrooms, and spinach) – and kale chips. It was pretty cool, and I did get to try some delicious foods from other places around Wooster. The only frustration for me was being tabled with THE best looking (and probably tasting) dessert at the event. I felt so ignored at times… haha

I think I’ve mentioned that I and my housemates have befriended one of the butcher’s helpers who is a Wooster native, planning on being a chef as she grows up and eventually owning her own place (I will refer to her as Chef). I have not mentioned, though, that her family owns fun center nearby called Putt n Stuff. Mini golf, arcade, foam covered and webbing jungle gym play area, and laser tag, among other things. So, Wednesday night, we all had a great time. First, we (6 total – Mud, Songbird, Chef, one of Mud’s coworkers (who is also Chef’s bff) and a friend, and I) went to Coccia House, a local favorite for pizza. We’d been told repeatedly that we had to go to this place to get pizza, and that we would have to wait extravagantly for it. We were also told that it was not necessarily the best pizza we’d even have, but, for some reason, locals love it. So, we finally did. We got “the works” and it was pretty darn good. Covered in a ton of provolone cheese is a great start and they have solid topping choices. The bread, though, was weird, and I couldn’t place my finger on why… I would guess it was the mountain of toppings on top that prevented some of it from cooking as thoroughly as maybe it should while the bottom got plenty crispy from the deck oven. I’d probably have to try it again to better form my opinions on it… But it was good. Plus we got some caprese and eggplant fritters. Yum! After dinner, we got to go to Putt n Stuff after it was closed. A child’s dream come true! The whole place to ourselves! It was a great time. We raced around on the jungle gym, managed to get all 6 of us to go down a slide at the same time, played arcade games, and rocked out a couple round of laser tag (I totally understand Barney’s obsession on HIMYM). I didn’t get to bed when I would have liked to having to work the next day, but totally worth it.

On Saturday there was a blood drive, so I visited the “gypsy vampires” (their words, not mine) to give. Definitely had the friendliest crew I’ve ever experienced there. It was cool.

And last night we made “Brunnies” = Brownies in my Bunny muffin tin.

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