Dazed and Choco-fused

What a weekend! So, this weekend in downtown Wooster was “Chocolate Daze”, and I am now fully dazed from so much chocolate. Basically, a lot of the main street shops, businesses, restaurants, etc. have some kind of chocolate deal or treat for Friday and Saturday. At Spoon, we had a case FULL of chocolate treats, as opposed to just some of the things being chocolate, as well as a couple specials. So, to prepare, my past week had a lot of chocolate food making.

Chocolate pastries/desserts/sweet things:
Pain au chocolat (Less traditional, it was country bread with dark chocolate)
Mexican Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls (spicy chocolate cinnamon rolls!)
Chocolate and regular Croissants
Chocolate and regular Spoonuts (official name now, both with and without chocolate filling)
Chocolate Cupcakes
Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies (chocolate chip brownie batter poured over a layer of chocolate chip cookie dough, then baked)
Cherry chocolate chip  brownie chocolate chip cheesecake (we went through a lot of chocolate chips this week)
Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cake Balls
Chocolate and Original cut out cookies

But wait, there was more. We also had two Chocolate Daze specials, one which we’re continuing through Valentine’s Day weekend. I made a smoked chicken mole soup (to. die. for. So delicious. In fact, make it. Now, preferably. The butcher smokes chicken breasts, so I used those instead. So good.) and we made a chocolate grilled cheese, which we’re continuing through. Country bread, french brie, dark chocolate shavings, and raspberry jam. I have not had one yet, but, I mean, c’mon, it sounds delicious.

Other than getting ready for Chocolate Daze, the week was pretty chill. Saturday night a bunch of camp people hung out at Songbird’s place of work, which was delightful. Saw some people I hadn’t seen for a bit.

Happy Monday!

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