So much to make.

Wow, what a weekend. And I’m sure there were plenty of cool things that happened during the week before it, but that was long ago and I’m tired and don’t really remember much. Besides that I went to a spinning class.

So, as you may have heard, Friday was Valentine’s Day. Most people haven’t heard of it. From what I can tell it is about candy and one-ups-manship. Anyway, made some special Spoonuts for it – heart shaped, chocolate dough, raspberry glaze. Not too big a deal. Saturday, we catered a TEDx event at the College of Wooster (CoW) for about 300 people. We made 30 stuffed baguettes, 30 stecca (basically bread sticks), 40 pitas, about 8 lbs of hummus (oh yeah, I made about 15 lbs of hummus early in the week, some of which went to this), chopped a bunch of fruit, veggies, cheese, sausage, baked a lot a lot of kale chips, made about 400 Spoonuggets (what I’m calling the donut hole equivalent of a Spoonut), and 10 gallons of smoothie. Is a lot. So, on Saturday I worked from 6-3 at Spoon… and then went next door to wash dishes from 4-10:30 because it was Valentine’s weekend and everyone and their hamster wants to eat out at a restaurant. Then, it was back to Spoon at 6 on Sunday. And we had a crazy lunch rush (especially for a Sunday), so I was working until 2:30, when I wanted to get out by noon. Wild ride. Plus! My parents came out for the weekend to see what was going on in Wooster, see what my life is here. Didn’t see them a ton, but it was very pleasant. My dad might love the butcher.

Sunday night, we had friends over to the Nest and made ramen from scratch! It was delicious. Yum. Noodles and all.

Thanks for reading, I’m tired. K bye.

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