You tricked me! It was almost Spring…

Lets see… highlights from the last week. Finished reading Cooked. Great book, check it out at your local library. Started doing more experiments with whole wheat bread, so we’ll see if I can make an airy loaf of whole wheat sometime in the future… its gonna be tough. On Friday, Spoon held a “Steer and Beer” event. The Butcher demonstrated a bunch of cuts of meat off of a side of beef, my bosses made a four course dinner, and the 40 or so guests enjoyed it along with many different beers. There was cheese/chorizo/jerky hors d’oeuvres, a carpaccio canape appetizer with tomato jam and salad, braised beef cheek with bleu cheese mashed potatoes, flank steak skewers with a chimichurri and cornbread stuffed jalapenos, and a lemon tart for dessert. It was pretty darn cool to help out with. Saturday night I was at the Bistro next door, and with the nice weather we were surprisingly busy. So that was exciting. Then on Sunday I took a trip to Cleveland with the butcher’s helper (“Chef”) to see an ice and fruit and vegetable carving demonstration put on by the culinary school class she was a part of at the Market Brewery and go to dinner at Melt, the grilled cheese place. It was pretty darn good, but I cant decide if I’m disappointed or proud of myself for not ordering the Glazed and Very Confused Donut Bacon Melt. I’m sure I feel the same confusion if I did order, although I might also be sick. I am 100% glad I did not attempt the challenge which includes 3.5 lbs of cheese. Soo….

Have a great week!

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One Response to You tricked me! It was almost Spring…

  1. Peter Saucier says:

    Market Brewery and Melt are such terrific places. In NYC they would be noted. Cleveland offers so much more than teh world knows.

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