Check out my buns

Brioche buns! What were you thinking…? I tried my hand at making Brioche this week, and oh my goodness is it dangerously delicious. Soft, fluffy, buttery, a little sweet… wow. And mmm… Made a lot of the dough into buns of different sizes and with different toppings, playing with what would work best. And, I took some over 1A to see if the owner would be interested in buying some to use for a burger special in the near future, and it looks like they will be! So that is exciting. Plus, I used a little bit of the dough to try to make beignets, which we are planning to do around Mardi Gras. Yum!

Other than that…. I don’t remember anything too wild from my week, besides a strangely large amount of time off. I had last Sunday and Thursday off, and I now have Monday and Tuesday off. Crazy.

I’ve been trying to get a picture of the buns to upload, but its being uncooperative from my phone, so apparently that’s not going to happen.

EDIT: It finally cooperated.


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