Good day Sunshine!

The sun has come out multiple times in the past week and its great!

As I think I mentioned last week, I took a quick trip down to camp on Monday/Tuesday to hang out with the folks down there, see camp again, and go for a hike around the park. The waterfalls were really cool because they were all frozen over. Really should have brought my phone cable to hook up to my computer… oh well.

Work was pretty normal all week. Made Rye Country bread, Brioche dough (which turned into rolls and Beingets!), and got 1A to decide that they definitely want Brioche buns for burgers for St. Patty’s Day! Hooray! And talked about the potential of making buns and other things for them on a regular constant basis, but that is kinda scary because they go through a lot of burgers.

On Thursday and Friday, it was GORGEOUS outside, so beautiful. Great for a run. And on Sunday I went with Mud to check out a bog near Shreve. It was great to walk around in the woods, see and hear plants and animals, feel the sun… ah. Great. Spring is coming, I can’t wait!

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