We Apologize for the Inconvenience

The weather is being bipolar, but thankfully I’ve had a great book to read- the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series. Creative, witty, and very insightful. Plus. PLUS. Cosmos has started again! Oh my gosh. Its awesome. Thank you so much Tyson, Sagan, and all of the other wonderful scienctists who just want to watch the world learn.

Humh… in my life? Oh, nothing much. Did make the Brioche buns for 1A for use today, which is looking to be good. Happy St. Patty’s Day, by the way. Made some ricotta cookie dough. Going to make a ricotta cheesecake, I think.

Oh right! My bread class! a duh. It was really great and fun. Check out some pics here. I did have to spend all day getting ready for it – making sure I had lots of dough at different stages of preparation so that I could show all of them in an hour and a half, while talking about lots of different science things, and answering questions, and actually working on the dough at the different stages. But it was great. And everybody seemed to have a good time and realize that it was a lot of work, and decide they should probably come into Spoon and buy my bread. Plus we got to eat the bread and it was delicious. Especially the sourdough, which I hadn’t really tried to do before. So that was awesome that it worked out.

Watch Cosmos. Seriously. And tell your uneducated, uninformed acquaintances to.

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