Camp for a Day!

It can be a little frustrating when I suddenly realize that I’ve forgotten the things I was going to write about. Oh well…

Beginning of the week was uneventful.

Thursday included a special event at the Bistro. It was a “Pig and Swig” event, which means, fairly obviously, that there was pig to eat and things to swig. Plus the butcher was giving a chat on pigs – how to cut them up, what to do with their parts to make delicious food. Started with pork rinds, followed by pecan encrusted bacon, then a pair of sausages (smoked and hot hungarian) with kraut, fourth pork papardelle, and ending on beingets with coffee ice cream and bacon jam. It was pretty crazy. But fun. Lots of dish washing, but it was pretty straight forward because all of the stuff was prepped before in large groups, so there weren’t all of the skillets to wash. Woo.

Friday, I got to go work at camp for the morning! A school was there and they needed somebody up on the ropes course to drop eggs in protective cases they built as part of their race that they were ending the week with. I showed up for breakfast, helped get some stuff set up, dropped the eggs (none of them broke – way to go kids!), helped clean up, went for a run on the trails in BEAUTIFUL weather – ah! it was a great day. Couldn’t ask for better. Plus, I got to see camp people and dog… Just wonderful. I look forward to chances to go back again throughout the season.

Saturday was Spoon and Bistro and a chat with my probable future roommate – more on that if/when it is definite. Sunday was work and a swim and chillin. I’m reading the Fellowship of the Ring now.

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