Day Late

But I guess y’all aren’t that surprised by that happening anymore.

Maryland, I’m sorry, but I think Ohio has you beat for weather preposterous-ness. Temperature up, down, all around, windy, snowy, hot… just keeps changing. Hopefully spring is here to stay…? Fingers crossed.

Quite a busy previous week. Trips to Cleveland for fun and food, lots of long days of work, and a new place to live!

Taught my second class at the kitchen store on Thursday and it was lots of fun again. Although, the crowd of students was much more subdued than the previous one. Not sure if it was me or the students. But it still went well, everyone enjoyed themselves and the food.

Worked at the Bistro Friday and Saturday, so I had three very full days of work in a row, but thankfully had Sunday AND Monday off, which is quite a rarity. Spent Sunday moving, with the much appreciated help of Songbird and a camp van. I am now living with a guy who we met through 1A as he works there. I think things will work out well.

In Cleveland on two visits I got some Mitchell’s ice cream and went to this great place on 4th street called the Greenhouse Tavern which was super tasty and had all of my delicious calories for the day.

I’ve also had an awesome idea for restaurant, but I want to be the one to make money off it, so I’m not sharing.

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