Uhm… HIMYM finished last week, and I’m glad its finally done. Last season kinda dragged on.

Thursday I got to work at camp! It was great, especially with the liquid sunshine. In the morning I lead a tribe through initiatives and another through some woods words (hooray for Shawnee-Ottawa and walking in the woods!). Then in the afternoon I was working the ropes course in the rain. Lots of rain. Thankfully, I knew to bring my rain jacket and rain pants, so I was dry underneath. Most of the kids were far less excited than usual for the ropes course, but it meant it was extra quick to move those who were interested through efficiently. The ones that were nervous were more vigorous in their denial to give it a try, and the few that really wanted to, were great. I stuck around after dinner for the campfire (inside) and it was a ton of fun, as they always are. It is really good to be able to go back to camp every so often. Its invigorating.

This weekend, I tried making pizza at work again, and it worked a lot better. I baked flats of dough first, then topped and re-baked them and they came out gorgeous. Ooh, and I also made curry pockets in brioche dough. Heard they were delicious.

Last night the Bistro I work at had a staff dinner and fun night at El Tapatio to celebrate the change of ownership which is happening soon. Even had a White Elephant exchange (a little late, but they forgot to do one around Christmas). I got a Classic Barometer. Killin it.

I’ve told you before, but I’m telling you again, watch Community.

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