Day of Silence

Well, lots of fun baking this week and a couple other fun things.

Oh, and the weathers been beautiful! Finally. Just in time for it to snow tomorrow. Thbbt. But its been beautiful, and it will be beautiful again. Besides tomorrow. Apparently.

I have gotten to go on a couple longer rides with my new bike. The bike shop has group rides every Tuesday (like the running store has group runs on Wednesdays – did both this past week), which was a lot of fun. Riding in a surprisingly large pack is a whole different experience. I mean, yeah, sure, I rode with the middle schoolers last spring in a big group, but that was distinctly different… Maybe I’ll go tomorrow, but the weather has me worried despite theoretically having sufficient spandex.

Friday. Friday was this year’s National Day of Silence, a day to bring awareness to anti-LGBT bullying started by students in the 90s. I was lucky enough to be reminded of this on Thursday, instead on the day of the event as I seemed to usually find out throughout high school and college. Because I heard about it, I thought it would be nice if Spoon could do even a small thing to show support. Checked with the owners, it was cool, and so I rainbow frosted the Spoonuts and made rainbow cupcakes. Tasty and pretty cool looking. RainbowCupcake

Friday and Saturday were both pretty crazy at work. On Friday we had a tasting for a wedding we will be catering this summer and a Yoga and Beer & Wine event. Had a lot of things to make for it, and a lot of things to make in general. Then Saturday was just nice out so there were a lot of customers. So many ciabatta buns. Also, making more pizzas with my sourdough, which is working out pretty well. I’ve got the pizza oven cooperating with me, which is great. Next up I’m going to play the baguette dough from Tartine that didn’t cooperate with me before. We’re setting up a cabinet, which we’ve been presenting shirts for sale in, to sell bread from. Take the loaves closer to the peoples so they want to buy it more. Right now they hide away behind the counter. Hooray for lots of shapes!

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