Tired in the best way

Lots of camp this week!

On Monday and Tuesday I did a lot of getting extra quantities of bread and dough ready for Spoon because I was down at camp on Wednesday and Thursday! Camp had a high school group of Sophomores and Juniors from the school we just started working with last fall (if you remember a very challenging group of Freshmen on the first day and a slightly less challenging group on the second, that was them). On Tuesday night, Songbird worked at 1A, so I caught a ride with her down to camp, hooray for carpooling! Hung out there for the evening (watching Hatchi – I don’t know whats sadder now, having the dog in the movie die, or having the dog loose someone they love…). Wednesday morning was chilly but bright, the sun had plans to shine. Had our staff meeting and found out that only a quarter of the number of kids we had expected would actually be coming to camp for the day. We had staff for a hundred and would be getting 22. Whomp. Luckily, Mountain argued to keep all of us on for the day and it was great. After a couple warm up activities, we were off to the Giant swing, which they thoroughly enjoyed. Those in charge of it ran it kind of slowly, or, at least slower than I would have a tendency to, and it lasted all of the way until lunch. After lunch, we split the 22 into two groups to do the ropes course and initiatives. I helped take one group first through the ropes course and then through a few initiatives. It all went quite well. To wrap up the day, we had some serious debrief time, more than we usually get with school groups, but it was largely the reason this school has come to our camp – the take away messages. The school has a lot of difficulties revolving around image (of itself and from other schools) and bullying. So, we split into three groups and did a body bag debrief. Mine went amazingly. Definitely one of the most vocal debriefs I’ve been a part of where it wasn’t just staff. Those students who did come were clearly very motivated to be there and to contribute to the improvement of their school. Many of them wanted to come back to camp, as well. Nice to hear you’re doing a pretty good job that way. They even said what body part they wanted to talk about next and were eager to share. It was wild. Sixth graders generally don’t want to share.

After they left camp, we had a little staff debrief, which was good, and then I went for a trail run because I don’t get to do that often enough. Trails are approximately 2039580209234x better to run on than roads. I’m pretty sick of road runs. At the end of it, I swung around to the lodge, placed a dinner order, ran back to camp to get my wallet, and ran back to pick up my foods. Pulled pork and green bean fries. yummmmm. Oh and did laundry. Super chill evening.

Thursday morning was bright and warmer than the day before, hooray! We got a few more students this time, 43 or so. I go to work with the eleven juniors that showed up for a morning of initiatives. We started off with the knot in a rope that everyone holds onto and they have to untie the knot. Then moved on to a surprisingly extremely frustrating initiative that camp has recently acquired. Basically, its a bunch of slats of wood with notches in them. They all fit together in a specific pattern, which is given to the group (at least an overhead shot). The group must first assemble the puzzle, then figure out a way to reassemble it in two minutes when it is taken apart and the pieces are randomized. Group couldn’t even get it together. They listened to anyone in the group who would speak up, which is good and also their downfall. They wouldn’t stick to a plan for long enough to see it work. I want to put that thing together by myself now. After that we moved on to the trust fall sequence, which actually went pretty darn well. We start of in partners, very short fall backwards, then wind in the willows, followed by stiff as a board-light as a feather, and wrap it up with falling off a table. We got the whole group to do through stiff as a board, and only two wouldn’t fall off of the table, which is pretty good. The two that wouldn’t fall were girls who were larger than the rest of the group, so I wasn’t that surprised by it. Disappointed, but not surprised (wide assembly of insecurities due to western culture bullshit). But, the larger guy that was in the group, who was very unsure from the start, managed to get himself to fall off the table, which was great! (Even though he butt-fudged). After trust falls it was lunch, and then they didn’t need me anymore. I enjoyed the sunshine and the Two Towers (which I have since finished) and waited for Songbird to be done for my ride back (she was working again that evening.

Back in the Woo, hung out for a bit, went to spin class. The lady who leads it (and also is a vital part of Spoon) ran in the Boston Marathon today! Just over 3:30 for, I think. Shes amazing. Friday and Saturday were plenty busy days at work, making pizzas and mini sourdough calzones on Saturday, and another Panade. Oooh, I don’t think I’ve mentioned that yet. Found another way to use up old bread – it is a take on savory bread pudding. Line the bottom of a pot (or dutch oven in our case) with a layer of bread. Pour some liquid over it (sauteed garlic and shallots in butter, added stock, more butter, and maybe a little cream, and brought to a boil). Add layers of vegetables and/or meat (squash, mushrooms, greens, etc… whatever you have). Add another layer of bread. Pour the rest of the liquid. Squash it all down as much as you can. Top it. Bake it for half an hour. Cover in cheese and bake for another half an hour. Now, the hard part, let it sit for a couple days in the fridge to set. Reheat (in the oven, please) and enjoy. Yummm.

Then Sunday came, a day off! Hooray. Actually, two days off. Spoon was closed for Easter, and I was given Monday off. So, to celebrate, I decided to go on some longer bike ride(s). Down to camp and back. On Sunday I rode down and today I rode back. It was excellent. I have learned how much sun I have not gotten recently because my arms got noticeably red. I’m so excited to have the sun back. It was about 35 miles total and had the wind in my face way more on the way down, which slowed me down noticeably. Need to stretch more because my left hip is definitely way tight when I ride for a ways. End up doing all sorts of funny looking stretches while coasting. While at camp this time, we had a cook out and camp out at the beach with a beautiful sunset and hammocks and s’mores and clear skies and good food it was wonderful and lovely and healing. But, anyway, now I’m tired in the best way and rejuvenated for the week ahead. I hope.

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