Popularity has its downsides

No, really. This weekend was ca-razy at Spoon. And it is only supposed to get crazier in two weekends (which I will, for better or worse, be missing to see my sister graduate college!) when C.o.W. has its graduation. Anyway. Lots of time at Spoon this weekend. Like, LOTS. Friday in particular. It was the I.S. symposium for the C.o.W. seniors (senior project presentations), plus some big happenings in town, I forget what. Lots of people coming in to Spoon. And we had multiple catering events this weekend with a lot of food to make. It was pretty darn intense, but successful. I also was finally the one to set off the fire alarm using the pizza oven… Really gotta find a better way to keep the cheese and sauce off of the stones when I’m making the pizza pockets.

Uhm, busy weekend aside… Went and walked around Spangler (the partk near Woo) yesterday afternoon, which was delightful.

Oh right! I made English muffins successfully! I’ve been playing with (and am still playing with) a firmer mixed leavened dough for baguettes and other shapes. And one of the things you’re supposed to be able to make english muffins with that dough, and so I did, and they’re delicious! English muffins are probably my favorite bread to eat.

And this week and next, 1A is using the Brioche buns for their special! Pretty exciting.

Today its raining… sigh.

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