So. Much. Brioche.

So much! It turns out that this week’s special at 1A has been wildly popular. Much more so than expected. The plan was 100 buns over the two weeks. This past week they ended up getting about 150 and still ran out Saturday night. Their burger with chopped garlic, roasted red peppers, lettuce, shaved Parmesan, and Boursin on a brioche bun. Delicious. I can speak from experience. So, basically, I made a very large quantity of brioche dough this week, and will probably have to make a bit more during this one. Lets see… 8 batches of dough, so 8 pounds of butter and 72 eggs! Woohoo! That’s 52 pounds of dough. Its all very exciting.

That took up most of my time. I also made country bread with pepperoni in it and pizzas and beignets and croissants and spoonuts and all of that good stuff. Ooh, and roasted banana cupcakes and banana walnut cookies.

Also working to make sure we have stuff saved up for this coming weekend – C.o.W. graduation and Mother’s Day. Its supposed to be crazy.

On Friday night, the C.o.W. Jazz Ensemble had a performance, so I went with some friends. It was WAY longer than expected. The music was sweet and it totally reminded me of playing in college, but there were some disappointing aspects. Or at least differences from my experiences. They brought in a couple guest/featured soloists – professionals. Very talented professionals. So, they kinda spent most of the night featuring them and the students were back up. Which made me sad, and I would guess it made the students and parents of students sad as well. And it was LONG. Almost three hours. There were three small groups, each with three or four songs, to start off, and then the ensemble played 13 or 15 pieces. It was long. But good.

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