Its a good thing sleep isn’t terribly important

Woof, what a week. And especially what weekend.

As some of y’all may know, this past weekend was graduation weekend for many colleges around the country, including (but not limited to) C.o.W. and UNC, where my sis just graduated from. Two months ago, I made reservations to attend my sis’ graduation before I learned that it was CoW’s weekend as well and that Spoon would be crazy busy. Crazy busy (apparently). So, I was fortunate enough to have work off for the weekend. Buttttt… because of that I did a lot extra this weekend to help make sure that we were ready for the weekend – making extra bread and cookie dough and stuff like that. Along with more brioche dough for 1A and a dozen loaves of egg bread for the Bistro to use for French Toast yesterday for brunch. And things for special orders – pita, country bread for dipping in oil, buns for the DTL, etc… There was lots to do. Was at work for twelve or so hours a few days and on Friday worked for 17 between Spoon and the Bistro, where I washed dishes that night. Long days.

Saturday morning, I was up bright and early again to get a ride to the Cleve airport to fly down to UNC to see family and my sister’s college graduation. I was reminded just how much larger some colleges are than the one I attended. Yikes. Not my jam. But, it was a delightful weekend. Saturday afternoon we went for a walk in a small woods, and saw much poison ivy, dinner at delicious decently hip little restaurant/bistro with the whole fam (6 of us), and then one of her favorite bars afterwards for loaded sweet potato tots. Yummmm. Then, I went back to the her house and shaped up some croissant dough for Spoonuts and Spoonuggets, my graduation gift to her and her housemates. Spoonuts for breakfast and Spoonuggets for the big family gathering later.

Sunday morning, I was up early enough to have the Spoonuts and a pile of baking powder biscuits ready for the ladies of the house before they had to go to line up for the whole class graduation.  That graduation. Now that was an event. 5000 people or so being told they had graduated. And all I’ve had to compare is a college grad for a little over 400 and a high school for about 90. What a difference. The speaker was fine. The calling of the schools was fine. What sucked was the six honorary degrees. And that they had probably one of the most boring readers read the half page statement (printed in the program forced upon every person who entered the stadium) about the people being honored. Weee. After the giant graduation, we migrated to the small major graduations and got to see her presented with her degree. Sweet, lovely, short ceremony followed by foods. Then it was nap time. After naps we regrouped for the evening shenanigans, including BBQ & keg dinner for the families of the house she lived in and then a keg-finishing, last-night-0n-campus party for whoever wanted to show up. It was a late night.

Then this morning we had breakfast and a great little place with awesome egg sandwiches and I was on my way back to Woo on a plane. Hooray for uneventful flights!

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