Ohhh… So this is what Spring is supposed to be like

Yes, after winter lasting into May and immediately transitioning into summer and then back to winter briefly, it appears that for today, at least, it will be spring. What a beautiful day.

Anyway, slow weekend to complement the last weekend. Like, crazy slow. I’ve barely had to make sandwich breads in the last couple days. Lots of time to try to make a few other fun things, though – pretzel buns, olive oil brioche, Banana-Walnut-Oatmeal cookies, and I’ve started making our own bagels in house! Seed bagels all of the time, and so far I’ve done Cinnamon Raisin and Banana, lots more flavors to be tried out, though. If you have any suggestions for bagel flavors I might not think of, I’d love to hear them.

For 1A this week I’ve been making English Muffins. Not any English Muffins, giant English Muffins. For their special burger. Bacon Jam from the Bakin’ Bakery, Burger, American Cheese, Sunny Egg, and diced red peppers on the Muffin. Its delicious, of course.

Other fun things… oh yeah, lots! On Wednesday, I got to participate in a trial run for the Wooster Urban Adventure Challenge – an all day group race. Basically, go around the area on bikes, your feet and occasionally by other means of transportation, completing challenges, solving puzzles and other cool things like that. One of the owners of Spoon is very much in charge of creating/organizing the event, so she asked me, another Spoon worker, and my boss from Camp (coincidence-ish) to do a trial run  to test the route and the tasks. It was great fun! And a beautiful day, well until the tornado warnings and heavy rain hit in the afternoon, but that’s besides the point. It was a great way to spend the day.

On Tuesday and Thursday mornings, the lady that is part owner of Spoon, organized the WUAC, and lead the spinning classes I’ve been going to, has started doing a morning SHIT (Super High Intensity Training) workout on the COW football field. And by morning, I mean I can get it in before I go to work. Its fun. Running, burpees, push ups, sit ups, stairs… all of that good stuff. With other people to race against. Plus, I’ve finally convinced myself to get up and go swim on MWF at the pool when someone lets anyone who wants to get in at 5 and swim. Mostly 30+ y/o dudes.  But, hopefully I can keep going because working out before work is way more betterer for me than after. I might be going to bed while its still light out, though. Also purchased a month pass at the yoga place, so I have good motivation to go frequently.

Humh… On Saturday, during the incredibly slow weekend, (possibly the reason it was a very slow weekend for eateries downtown) there was a Rib Fest at the fair grounds. Four BBQ places cooking ribs and other stuff. So Chef and I go to check it out after work. Big lines of people, at least at two of the booths. So, what do we do? Grab some Lerch’s (Wooster’s best donuts) and stand int he biggest line – its gotta have the best ribs, right? Well, about halfway through the line, what would anyone start joking about – imagine if they ran out of ribs, just as we got to the front of the line. Its a reasonable thing to be concerned about, its been running since noon and we didn’t show up until about quarter after six. Well. We get within a dozen people of the counter and what is the line informed of? That’s right, you guessed it! No more ribs! At this booth or any of the others! All of the ribs are gone. Being who I am, I just start laughing. Its better than crying. They still have pulled pork sandwiches though, so we stay in line. The people directly in front of us in line get to the counter and are informed what? Correct again, no more pulled pork. The stand has a SINGLE grilled chicken breast. But were be grilling more. Yargh! We wanted pig. So, we jumped over to a shorter line at a truck doing just sandwiches – pulled pork and grilled loin – and got something. Still disappointing. So, we fixed that. Last night, we made ribs at chefs house. Along with fries (sweet and regular potato) and a berry-chevre salad. Yums.

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