100th Post

I’ve had this blog going for almost two years now. Wow. They have flown by. Much more so than I remember years flying by before…

This past week… what’s happened. The weather has been beautiful – lots of sun, often feeling like spring, more than summer, but definitely growing into summer. After months of craving it, Blazing Saddles finally appeared on the library shelves and I managed to snag it and watch it. Woohoo! On Sunday I went for a delightful run in Vulture’s Knob, technically a mountain bike course, but… there was nobody there to stop be. And I don’t have a mountain bike here. Per the suggestion of a friend, I read The History of Love by Nicole Krauss, and it was pretty darn awesome. I’ve been cruising through books since the library hasn’t gotten the third Game of Throne’s book back.

At Spoon, I think I’ve finally figured out the ratios I like for baguette dough, but would like to do another test or two to make sure. I’m also loving making bagels. So many options! I made bacon bagels today. Additionally, our summer specials are out now, and we’ve got some fun ones. Two on bagels (so, lots of those to make) and one on brioche lardon – called The Breakfast Club (its a club sandwich with a fried egg. mmmmmm). Killer.

Ooh, the farmer’s market starts this weekend here in Wooster, so I’m excited to see how my naturally leavened bread sells when we take it outside with people walking around, although we won’t actually have it at the market so… yeah. We’ll see. Sadly, I’m worried that I might not be able to actually attend said farmer’s market because I’ll be working. Poo.

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