Just keep going

I’ve had Dory’s song from Finding Nemo stuck in my head a bunch recently, or some variation there-on. (You know, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. la lala la lala la…) Getting up at 4:30 or 5:00 to swim or do a crossfit style work out before work, bake for several hours, go do some yoga, read, maybe a run. But its those early mornings and trying to go to bed while the sky is still a little bit light that’s killer. Just gotta keep going. Swam for a little over an hour this morning then went for a run for a little over an hour and really had to push that “just keep going”. Don’t stop. The tri is two weeks from yesterday. I’m pretty sure I’ll survive. The thing I’m most worried about is having to poop during the race. So annoying.

Anyway, more interesting things… This Saturday was the first Wooster Farmer’s Market of the summer. Unfortunately for me, I work Saturday mornings, so I can’t actually go to the market, but I can make stuff for it. Spoon has decided to put a table of baked goods outside to try to attract some of the crowd that goes to the market for our own financial benefit. I put out a spread. We put lots of loaves out for sale – the sandwich breads and some of my country breads – along with bagels that I’ve been making. Then came the sweets – Croissants, Spoonuts, Beignets, Scones, and Cinnamon Rolls. All fresh that morning. Woof. It was a busy one. But they sold and sold well. It was cool. Sadly, the sweet stuff much more so than the savory. Hopefully people will realize just how good my bread is and want to buy it and buy it again. I guess our new specials started this last week, or did I already mention that? Using bagels for two of them and brioche lardon for one. Life is good.

Things I’m excited for: college Alumni weekend coming up! I get to see people and row and be by the river and just have a great weekend! Plus, How to Train your Dragon 2 comes out this weekend as well!

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