Camp, Triathlon, and Another Baking Class

It was one heck of a weekend.

I’m sure that things happened during the week, but… who can remember that far back? I’ve got alumni weekend and this past weekend of epicness clogging my rememberer.

Saturday, after Spoon – making all kinds of deliciousness – I got together my gear and food and drove on down to camp to see camp friends and be ready for a triathlon on Sunday without having to hurry down Sunday morning. Got down there late afternoon/early evening and tried to find and hang out with people, but they were mostly napping after their first week of kids (also known as the second, or the real, in-service). Saw some of them, though. Walked around the beautiful outdoors. Went on top of the hill and eventually went over to the Lodge for the evening. There was a band playing (which is totally a new thing) and hung out, seeing more people, until I knew it was time for me to get to bed. And by bed I mean hammock. Totally miss sleeping outside.

Sunday morning, I had to be ready to race at 8a. Thanks to the wonders of natural light and a habitually early waking pattern, I was plenty awake before six and headed back over the hill to the lodge and the race staging area, where I got checked in, a wristband, a bike band, sharpie marks on my body, an ankle timing chip, and a bunch of papers, along with vague instructions. I’m pretty sure the only place I’ve seen a higher concentration of fitness and spandex (there must be a correlation between the two) is a crew regatta. There were some JACKED peeps. The scariest part of the race was definitely biking. Some racers get a little intense when biking – when saying they’re going to pass you (who passes on the right?!) or they get stuck behind a car which isn’t paying attention being IN THE MIDDLE OF A F[RA]CKING RACE! And many of them were wearing those crazy speed helmets which look like they’re front Tron or something. I was not aware this tri was attracting that sort of racers. But, over all, it went way better than I expected it to! Didn’t feel like I was gonna die – I guess that means I should have gone harder. Next time. Which, I surprise myself by thinking there might a next time. The water was beautiful and perfect for a swim – calm and cool. Just like the weather for the rest of the morning. Cloudy, brief sprinkles early on, but getting clearer as the day went on. I finished in 2:54.29, and every regular triathlete said that this course was one of (if not THE) hardest courses they had done. So, I picked a good one to start with. Songbird was wonderful enough to make signs for and cheer the four Camp-people who were competing (me, Mountain, Trailmix, and Cougar-who did the half-Ironman). I am glad that I did it once. We’ll see if something like it happens again. I’m mostly glad I had something to train for so I actually did stuff to be fit.

After I was done, I hung out to cheer on Cougar, then tried to see as many camp-people as I could before driving back up to Woo. Got myself cleaned up and ready for the next day (including feeding my baby) and went to a neighborhood get together (with a Gyro food truck) to see some of the USA-Portugal soccer match (that’s why you always play to the end!).

I managed to get myself up to swim this morning, then went to work, did lots of stuff, especially getting ready for my baking class tonight. It was a really good class (surprisingly)! I did not think that I was ready for this class because I kept thinking it was going to be on Thursday, not Monday. Whoops. Plus, I’ve been trying to figure out the baguette recipe and get it to work juuuuuussssssstttttt right, but couldn’t. I was worried. Anyway, got all of my doughs and such ready and went over (the theme was Shaping and Flavoring breads).  And it went great! There were some really interested people, and even some people near my age (usually its just adults who could have kids out of the house by now, if not grandkids, and not in the Lorelai Gilmore way). So, for the class I made the Roasted Whole Clove Garlic country bread, baguettes, and an Herb and Olive Oil Fougasse. The best part, was that they bake the way I wanted them to! I’ve had the crumb working well, but could not get the crust to cooperate in the oven at work. The key – a non-convection oven. Our oven at work insists on running at high convection, which blows away all of the steam, which I need for a good oven spring. Using the nonconvection oven in the education kitchen brought out beautiful loaves! I was so happy. I hope the full extent of my excitement showed to the students. They were certainly happy with how it tasted, and a number of them were interested in starting their own cultures! Hooray!

And now I need to go to bed so my boss can kick my butt on the track in the morning before work.

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