Seven Days On

Seven days at Spoon in a row. The bosses went to NYC for the weekend for the Fancy Food Conference (or something like that). It makes me think Fancy Feast every time, and then wonder why we care about cat food. Anyway, seven days on was a bunch, especially when I got an order for 140 buns on Monday for Tuesday. It was a little frustrating. Especially because 80 of them were large pumpernickel buns for bread bowls and that takes extra time (an over night fermentation) and a LOT of dough because each bun is 10 oz, at least twice as heavy as most buns or things I make. But, I got it done. Not quite on time, but they don’t need 80 of them a day, so I don’t know why the chef just can’t ask for fewer at a time. I hope he will decide to do that as he figures out how fast he goes through them.

After getting all of those buns done, it was time to start getting ready for the weekend – namely Saturday and Farmer’s Market day. This weekend I had Olive Bread, Naturally leavened beignets, croissants, spoonuts, and cinnamon buns, and curried beef pie pockets. (FYI – in Ohio fry pies=empenadas, in case you’re ever confused.) The curried beef was tasty. mmm.

Oh yeah! And Thursday was “a Taste of Downtown”, a little festival thing involving most of the downtown eateries and drinkeries. Tickets were sold before the event and then you could use tickets to buy special stuff from all of the places participating. We made mini sandwiches, pork belly tacos, and chocolate chip cookies! So, I had lots of mini ciabattas and cookies to make.

Then, I finally had today off! So, yesterday, I took a trip down to camp! Hung out down there and saw lots of people, slept in my hammock… Its just good to go back into the woods for a little bit.

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