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Mostly it wasn’t a very exciting week, except Thursday was a pretty good day. Got to go berry picking at Moreland Farms with some friends. We picked Black and Red Raspberries. A bucket each of the black and one bucket of the red. They’re really tasty. I made a big ol’ batch of black Raspberry jam with mine. Then, for the farmer’s market, I made black raspberry cream cheese frosting for my cinnamon buns. Mmmmm. Also made a couple flatbreads on Saturday, with the goal of making one 13 stripes and one 50 stars on a field of blue. Pepperoni and Mozzarella was supposed to be stripes and goat cheese on black raspberry jam was supposed to be the stars. I don’t think anybody knew. The stripes became a burnt orange monochrome, with some more burnt edges. And I didn’t add the jam and chevre until halfway through the bake, so I could tell that the stripes were going to work out. I didn’t try to fit 50 stars on. But they were delicious none the less. I highly suggest baking with a wild starter.

Went to Hinckley Reservation Thursday night. Went to 1A Saturday night to see a band for a little before I had to go to sleep. Walked around a bunch outside. Hung in my hammock. Read Bad Monkey.

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