Jay-um, Jay-um, Jay-um, JAAAAYYYY-UUUMMMM

Jam. JamJamJam.

Picking berries and making jam is great. And super delicious. As you may or may not know blueberries and raspberries are currently very much in season in NE Ohio. There are a couple fruit farms near Wooster, but I was taken to Moreland Fruit Farm and will definitely continue going back because their berries are delicious. Previously, I got a big ol’ bucket of black raspberries (~5 lbs to a bucket) and turned all of it into jam. Used some of the jam for a flat bread, some for cream cheese frosting, and will just continue to eat lots of it. This past Friday, I returned to MFF with my current roomie to get after blueberries, primarily. I wanted blueberries to make more blueberry jam (which I enjoyed when I got some “bluebs” from Buehlers) and to dehyrdate to hopefully make some blueberry bagels at Spoon. He wants blueberries to make Blueberry Mojitos and a salads at his place of work, 1A. Plus, I wanted some red raspberries because they are approximately 83% better than black raspberries (nothing against black raspberries, y’all are delicious, too, but sorrynotsorry reds are better). So we got ’em. The blueb jam turned out delicious, I started dehydrating the batch last night, so we’ll see how they turn out, its an experiment. Red raz jam is also absolutely fantastic because it just is, of course. I am definitely looking forward to making a bluebery-chevre cheesecake at some point this week for Spoon.

I’ve been getting two days off a week, which is very nice for berry picking opportunities, but a little weird. When down to camp yesterday evening after watching Germany win the World Cup. So good to go down there. Can’t say it enough. I’d had a bit of a headache since Friday night, but within an hour of getting down there, it was completely gone. The outside does wonders. Spent a bunch of time by the lake – kayaking, swimming, reading. It was good. Lots of good.

Saturday night, contribution to the headache, I believe, was my first time back at SMB in a while, washing dishes. Being there isn’t what was causing the headache, just lots of time working, being inside, up early to be ready for the farmer’s market, up late after a late night working, you know. Now that the Ohio Light Opera is in full swing, it looks like at least Saturdays will be quite busy days for me. Maybe Fridays, too. Dunno, we’ll see.

Friday was a super day off, after berry picking and jammin’ (jam making, that is), I went with my roomie and some of his friends from C.o.W. to check out a “waterfall” in Wooster. I put waterfall in quotations because it is man-made. A small dam that controls the progress of Little Apple Creek as it runs south. Either way, the water is cool and clear, there are lots of macro invertebrates in the creek, and there is at least 7 feet of water at the bottom of the fall. Which means jumping. It was an unexpectedly good day.

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