Bonus Work

Whelp, OLO (Ohio Light Opera) is running strong, and on Friday and Saturday nights SMB is quite busy from 5-8 because the people who are going to see the 7p showing and the people who went to see the show that ends at 5p are both showing up to eat. Its cray. And these people are not patient people. They are not particularly kind people. Well, to be fair, at least the people that I get to hear about from the front staff while I am washing dishes. I don’t get to hear about the nice people or the people who are neutral. Only the asshats are mentioned. My favorite this weekend was either the table who felt they had to leave at 6p to make sure they could park for the 7p showing or the table who swore they were never coming back and then forgot their credit card… Brilliant. But, needless to say, I washed a lot of dishes.

Lets see… fun things I made this week… English Muffins and a Peach-Blueberry pie. And now I’ve thrust myself into having more things to make regularly, possibly. Oh right! And my blueberries got dehydrated (finally, took a while) and I made blueberry bagels! Uhm… That’s about it for excitement. Oh wait, I lied. I made the Blueberry-Chevre Cheesecake. And even got to taste a little bit of it. Delicious.

Today was full of fun! Got up early to swim, then chilled and read for a while, went on a bike ride with my roomie to pick more blueberries, and later I’ll be hitting up the yoga. Taking advantage of the day off.

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