Roomie Bonding

Mostly blanking on the past week, but I do remember that my roommate and I have had a bunch more chances to do things. Work was pretty darn normal, and the bistro didn’t even need me to come in at all. And my roommate is probably going to be starting to work for the Bistro as well soon, which is pretty neat, but out in the front of the house. He wanted to see how an evening ran there from the position of not working, so we hung at the bar for a couple hours, which was really chill. I hadn’t been to the Bistro when I wasn’t working, so this  was neat. Got to chat to some of the front house workers more than I usually do and such. That morning, we had gone to yoga. Plus, this coming Friday I will be subbing for the teacher (eek!) and need a playlist for the classes. So, that afternoon, I worked on designing a class while he went through a bunch of music (he really likes music and is quite knowledgeable about it) to design a playlist to go with it. Great day.

Yesterday, after work (where I made some peach-blueberry tartes, mmm), we drove up to Cleveland to a rock climbing gym. He was going to pick up a pair of climbing shoes that were for sale so he can go on a climbing trip in a few weeks and we decided to climb a little if the trip was to be made. Bouldered a little and because I have some vague knowledge of belaying, he did a couple top rope climbs while I belayed. There are plans to return. On the way back, we swung by the Wooster High School and played a little Ultimate Frisbee with some other peeps from around town. It was a lot of fun. Then, we had poached eggs on greens sauteed with onion, garlic, carrots, and tomatoes. Mmm. Oh yeah, and made some tasty sandwiches on Friday – open-faced fried egg on an onion bagel with chevre, siracha, tomatoes, smoked gouda, and greens. Mmmmmm eggs.

In other news, it looks like I should/might be getting to go back to Laysan in September. Its government, so I’ve done a lot of paperwork so far and am still not sure if it is happening or not. But, they’re doing a strike team against Pluchea on Laysan. Two weeks total, one of which will be on island killing plants. I’m super excited about it assuming  all of the funding comes through and it is a go!

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