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Prince Maximilian, Heir to the Snuggle-Throne, Chiller Killer, Cat Extraordinaire

It has been a pretty exciting weekend. But I’ll have to back up a wee bit to bring the whole story together. I like animals. They’re super cool. Growing up our house had cats, fish, rodentia, and a snake, but … Continue reading

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Mud Two Ways

Nothing too crazy at work this past week. Everything is getting busier again as more and more CoW students show up on campus. Today in particular was pretty wild. Lunch rush lasted from 11:30-2:30. woof. Parents dropping off their kids … Continue reading

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Very Social Weekend

A little bit late for a post, but hey, I was at a Gay Rodeo today. More on that later. The Vertical Runner kids camp has been a blast, and there is still a week of it left before their … Continue reading

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The weather is nice today

Work related excitement: the Bistro catered a wedding (sister of one of the owners) yesterday, so there has been lots of work. From Spoon, they ordered 40 baguettes, 150 mini ciabattas, and 180 servings of shortcake. Not a small quantity … Continue reading

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