The weather is nice today

Work related excitement: the Bistro catered a wedding (sister of one of the owners) yesterday, so there has been lots of work. From Spoon, they ordered 40 baguettes, 150 mini ciabattas, and 180 servings of shortcake. Not a small quantity of things. Then, I also washed dishes over there Friday and Saturday night, where there was a large quantity of dishes used to prep food for the wedding. It was a blast.

Ooh, and yesterday I made grilled cheese casserole. Cheesy goodness.

Played some Ultimate again, then drove down to camp last night to hang out for the last night on camp! All of the staff had to go home today, so it was a big party and lots of fun. This morning, we went to the diner down there which is awesome. Then, some family friends from Baltimore came through Woo for lunch at Spoon as they engage in a midwest baseball tour! It was pretty neat.

That’s all I’ve got, besides that I’ve been reading a lot of time/space travel (scifi) recently and am looking for the day when I wake up and legitimately disappointed because I thought we had it already, but we don’t.

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