Mud Two Ways

Nothing too crazy at work this past week. Everything is getting busier again as more and more CoW students show up on campus. Today in particular was pretty wild. Lunch rush lasted from 11:30-2:30. woof. Parents dropping off their kids and everyone needs to eat. So, we’re busy, which is great. Also, about to start a new round of specials which should be including a Carolina-style  BBQ pork belly-biscuit sandwich and a Chicken Mole (why can’t I add an accent here?!) wrap. I’m pretty pumped.

But, mud. Yesterday, I drove almost to PA/WV to volunteer at a Tough Mudder event. If you haven’t heard of them, its one of those obstacle races. 10-12 miles, 20 or so obstacles. Lots of mud. Electrocution. Military grade. All of the good stuff. I would like to do one, but need to up my running distances and wanted to see what one was about. Plus, volunteering gets me a mad discount. It was a ton of fun! Got there at 7a and got signed in, then spent most of the day at an obstacle on the course, most of the way through, called “Quagmire”. No, not the character from Family Guy. Its surprising how many people don’t know what a quagmire is, or at least have an idea that it is something besides a cartoon. On Saturday, a bunch of people had hurt their ankles pretty bad on this obstacle because there were a bunch of big rocks at the bottom of a mudslide, so they wanted to have volunteers and medical people actually around it. We had zero problems due to the obstacle. Nobody even lost a shoe! It was great. They also added a bunch more water to it, so it would be muddier. Fantastic. The first mudder came through a good 20 minutes before anybody else, and he was cruising at a 6:30 pace, with nasty hills and elements. We also so him come through again later. He did the course twice. some people are crazy. Most everyone was excited to be there and loving every minute of it, no matter how exhausted they were. Some very just very exhausted. And a few were complaining. But we motivated them through, joked with them, and had a blast. After the last mudders were through, we helped break down the whole race area. Best part – left over foods. Namely protein bars and jerky. It was all planned to be given away for free, so that’s what they did. To the volunteers. Whoop whoop!

Mud pt II. Mud, my camp friend and previous roommate, came back through Wooster today now that she has finished hiking the AT! It was great to see her and catch up a little even ans she was quickly whisked back to Cali. So, Mud/Chuckles, congratulations! You did it! I can’t wait to see you again.

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