I’m pretty sure stuff happened this week

I just don’t remember too much of it. It wasn’t a terribly eventful one, but it was still good.

Max continues as the greatest cat in the world. He went on a field trip last night to a family dinner and had a good time once he got used to a new place.

Spoon was pretty slow most of the week, but English muffins and country bread sold great and my Saturday pastries sold like, well, hotcakes? Should I make hotcakes? Because it was slow I did make lots of sweet things, though, which was nice. Not having to feel like I was way behind on keeping the pastry case packed.

On Saturday, made some chocolate snickerdoodles with for cookie-ice cream sandwiches. Obviously brilliant and delicious. A friend made from C.o.W. (who happens to be from MD) brought really delicious Bruster’s ice cream back, which made it even better.

Yesterday, we continued the Sunday night family dinner, which will hopefully continue all of the way through the school year, with Frisbee players by making squash curry. The squashes involved being butternut, acorn, and pie pumpkins. It was really tasty. Went with rice, cornbread, and a salad. And cookies for dessert. Followed by a viewing of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. And Max got to hang out, too!

Today was pretty darn chill. Spent the afternoon trying making Chinese steam buns and sealing up a food truck with Silicone. 

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