Just Max ‘n’ Me

Raccoon went home for a week because the Eatery (opening tomorrow!) was still closed and he wanted to. So, it was just Max and me hanging out this past week. His diet is definitely into calorie restriction, he finishes his bowls faster than when we first got him and meows for it. Kinda feel like we can feed him a little bit more, maybe a special meal once a week. And I also feel like he pees more than any other cat I’ve lived with. Although, that may just be that the others had a habit of peeing around the litter box, as opposed to in it. Max pees in it, and there are way more pee clumps than I remember shoveling out during childhood. On the plus side, he has gotten very comfortable about curling up on my lap when I’m reading or something, making me pet him, scratching his chin, rubbing his belly, and he likes to knead me sometimes. Which is great, but marginally uncomfortable because we should probably clip his claws.

I made chocolate cinnamon buns this week, with spicy cinnamon sugar butter and cinnamon peanut butter fillings. Yummy. Also, lots of sourdough and now brioche buns and english muffins for the Oak Grove Eatery (opening tomorrow!). Their menu looks bomb.

Hung with the Frisbee peeps again last night to watch Little Miss Sunshine (still an amazing movie!) and eat some roasted potatoes, butternut squash, and garlic. I’m glad they know simple good food like me.

I will be going to Hawaii in a week! I’m super pumped. So, there is a good chance I won’t be posting for three or four weeks. But that’ll be a great post! This one won’t be.

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